Complaint procedure

- Fishandwood undertakes to consider each complaint within 14 days, and if this is not possible, to inform the customer during this period when the complaint will be considered.
- The manufacturer is liable under the warranty of the sold goods under the conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions or if the manufacturer's Warranty Regulations provide for such a possibility, the customer may submit his or her claims under the warranty directly to the manufacturer whose address is located on the manufacturer's website or on product packaging.
- Fishandwood shall refund the costs related to returning the goods as soon as it receives the parcel and considers the complaint.
- To speed up the complaint procedure, it is recommended that the returned goods are accompanied by proof of purchase of the product through the fishandwood website: receipt, invoice, bank transfer confirmation or credit card statement.
- In the complaint, the customer should describe the detected deficiencies or physical defects of the goods and specify which of the rights under the warranty the customer uses.

Complaints related to the provision of electronic services

- Fishandwood undertakes actions to ensure fully correct operation of its online store, to the extent that results from current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove within a reasonable time any defects reported by customers.
- The Customer may notify fishandwood of any defects or interruptions in the operation of the online store website.
- Defects of the online store may be reported by the customer in writing to the following address: Alis Alicja Staszewska Morcinka 48a 43-200 Pszczyna or by sending an email to the following address:
- In the complaint, the customer should provide his or her name, mailing address, type and date of the defect related to the functioning of the store.
Fishandwood undertakes to consider each complaint within 14 days, and if this is not possible, to inform the customer during this period when the complaint will be considered.


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For the last 30 years, we have been professionally working with wood. From regular orders for furniture, elements of home equipment, stairs, bedrooms, to custom projects requested by the customers, such as renovations or sculpted woodwork.At the same time, we have been developing a passion for fishing – we spend every free weekend by the water, where we can fully enjoy our hobby. We fish for sport, adrenaline, contact with nature and for the love of fish.At one point, we came up with an idea to use our sculptural talents to create wooden wobblers, completely for your own use.

We began to create first prototypes around 2009. We made them one at a time in the comfort our home, by the fireplace. Little did we know back then that we would be willing to show them to you almost 10 years later.As we developed the technology (we tried various types of wood, varnishes, tools, etc.), our hand-carved wobblers began to test the waters not only in Poland, but also in South America and Africa.We gradually realised that it is worth showing ourselves to the world. That these few years of fun and testing can bring unexpected results.

We have started receiving many inquiries from our fellow anglers from around the world. Having made several custom models, we decided to start a small family company specialising in the manufacture of hand-carved wooden wobblers. We do not mass produce. Each item is meticulously carved by hand and it takes a lot of time. The models are therefore unique and have a collector’s value. They can be a great gift for an enthusiast angler with special aesthetic requirements. Therefore, upon request, we also make an individual dedication inside a wooden box.

We ship our products twice a week. For a start, we proudly present three models for surface fishing, designed for such fish as tucunaré (peacock bass) or – with European waters in mind – pike and largemouth bass.In the near future, you will be able to order each of our models in three different colour versions. We are also intensively working on adding new models to our offer.We hope that this is just the beginning of our great adventure with you and an opportunity for immense satisfaction while fishing!